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  • Lacey Act

  • Sarbanes Oxley Conflict Minerals Requirements

  • Supplier Education

  • Team Education ​​​

  • CTPAT 

    • Basic Security and 7-Point Checklist

  • California Air Regulation Board Requirements [CARB] 

    • Formaldehyde

    • Emissions

  • California Prop 65

  • Social Compliance Requirements

  • Workplace Safety

Why do modern retail and wholesale companies need to have audits and why should I cooperate? 

  • Modern retailers are constantly reviewed by members of the media for potential issues that they think are relevant to today's society. They are held to a much higher level of moral, ethical and environmental requirements than ever before. In order for you to increase your business and take part of the potential growth, it is essential that you be prepared for those audits. RM Consulting will help you do that. They will ensure your operations are ready to be reviewed and potential delays due to non-compliance are at a minimum. 

A major US retailer has asked me to become Lacey Act compliant. Why and what do I need to do to become compliant?

  • Lumber Liquidators and Gibson Guitars both had potential violations of the Lacey Act and spent hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the legal battle with the government. Many suppliers were eliminated and have gone out of business due to these and other companies no longer being able to purchase from them. Being compliant is a requirement in the wood industry along with many other industries that rely on plant based products. 
I do not sell directly to US retailers or wholesale companies, why should I be concerned? 
  • Even though you do not sell directly, you most likely work through a trading company you may someday want to, in addition "social justice" warriors from the US and other countries do not understand the relationship you may have between the exporter but will still target you and the retailer. This could cause the retailer to move suppliers. 

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